Disaster Risk Management and Development

An area of development for the Centre for Interdisciplinary Trauma Research is disaster risk management, with an interdisciplinary team from AUT Disaster and Risk Management and Development programmes, including Dr Loïc Le Dé , Dr Ailsa Holloway, and Dr Nadia Charania.

Nadia Charania

Nadia is a senior lecturer in the Public Health department at AUT and specialises in qualitative research and participatory action research. Her previous research efforts focused on improving local influenza pandemic preparedness with remote and isolated Canadian First Nations communities using community-based participatory research. Her current research programme is primarily directed towards reducing health inequities related to infectious diseases faced by marginalised populations, such as migrants and refugees.

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Loïc Le Dé

Loïc is a senior lecturer at AUT where he leads the Master of Disaster Risk Management and Development programme. Loïc’s interest lies in bridging the knowledge and action gaps between local communities and agencies involved in disaster risk management. He has a strong interest in participation for disaster risk reduction, transnational community support in disaster, community-based disaster response and sustainable recovery post-disaster.

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Ailsa Holloway

Ailsa is a senior lecturer at AUT and has had the privilege of a rich and varied experience in the fields of health, humanitarian assistance and higher education. This reflects more than 30 years of multi- partner programme management in Asia, Middle East and Africa, including 20 years focused on establishing formal and non-formal capacity development programmes in disaster risk reduction and emergency management in Africa.

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